Welcome  to My domain where My beauty and intelligence reign Supreme.

Kneel before Me, slave, and I will tell you a little about Myself, but not too much, for I am a very private person who leads a quiet, discreet life in a suburban neighborhood in South Florida. If you are ever lucky enough to be accepted into My realm and to worship Me in person, or by phone, you can be assured of being protected by that same privacy and discretion.
I have a stable of real time slaves, who attend to My household and dungeon chores. My boys have been with Me for a long time so they are very good at anticipating My needs. Sometimes they have to be punished but more often they are rewarded with precious tidbits and favors from their Mistress, such as the cherished privilege of kissing My perfect toes.

I love outdoor challenges like climbing in the mountains and kayaking the rapids down tumbling streams. I also enjoy attending good movies, live theater, musical performances, reading good books, and dining out.

I love working out at the gym. In all modesty, I have an awesome, kick ass body, while still being petite and feminine. I wear a size zero and xs in clothing, should you wish to purchase some for Me. My body is all lean muscle, totally cut and defined with a perfectly rounded, firm butt that I work to it's peak every day. I am complimented at the gym and elsewhere daily on what I have been able to achieve through My dedication to keeping My body in a state of perfection. You will love, admire and worship it if you are lucky enough to visit Me in person.

 Most of all I love the power trip that comes from your submission. It thrills Me when you kneel before Me and surrender yourself to Me, whether it is for a cruel whipping or a more gentle scene of fetish worship. I am addicted to your addiction. I love it all. Well, most of it. There are a few things that turn Me off and we can discuss those at a later time.

I have been both a professional and lifestyle domina for many years. During this time I have provided immense pleasure to many submissive men and women in almost every imaginable scenario.  I am a totally sensuous, sexy, classy woman, 53, 100 pounds.  Most importantly, I am an extremely intelligent and creative Mistress who can quickly and realistically adapt to your particular fantasy.  The vast majority of My boys and girls agree that a session with Me was the best BDSM experience they ever had.

 I love to receive gifts of devotion from My WISHLIST. You may bring it to Me when we Session or you may have it delivered.