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I love to receive gifts of devotion from My WISHLIST. You may bring it to Me when we Session or you may have it delivered.



I am receptive to many types of worshippers but I am especially interested in hearing from businessmen or professionals who are looking for role reversal and respite from their positions of power and authority. This is your opportunity to surrender your power to a commanding Mistress. I will transport you to a paradise of rapture and release where your only responsibility will be obedience and servitude for My pleasure. Maybe you are a rough and tumble blue collar tough guy who wants to get a good ass whopping, or just a soft and gentle boy who wants to worship My beauty.  Come to Me soon. You are so welcome in My dungeon. Don't be afraid.


I love to be served by:

foot and shoe slaves - I have exceptionally beautiful feet for toe-suckers. 

ass worshippers - you will beg to kiss My royal Ass and to have your face smothered beneath Me.

pain sluts - My paddles and whips are waiting for you, and I have some delightfully interesting toys for CBT and nipple torture. You will love My gyno-torture table.

cross-dressers and sissy boys -I love to slap you around and train you to be a little whore.  "Bad girls, talkin' bout you bad, bad girls, walkin' the streets at night."

strap-on slaves - you will suck My dildo and make it all wet and slippery before I ram it home.  How much can you take? We'll find out when I get you into a helpless rape position.

shower slaves - My powerful, dominating stream of Mistress juice will splash on your face and chest.  Suck it up, boy, try to catch every delicious drop.

money slaves -I will reward your love and devotion by taking control of your wallet.  Send Me your paycheck, boy.  Give it all up to your Queen!

cuckold slaves -You may pay $100 to cover an evening out for Me and My lover, then I will tell you by email or phone all of the nasty, juicy, sexy things he did for Me, that you can only dream about.


I love to tease and torture My subjects. If there is some particular role you want Me to play you can contact Me and we will discuss it. I can be your teacher, your cruel auntie, your interrogator, your prison warden, your secretary turned boss; I can humiliate you, degrade you, and bitch slap your silly face; or I will control your wallet and your sexuality.  If you wish, send Me the key to your chastity cage.  I can be soft, sensuous and tender, or cruel, demanding and hurtful.

Although I am very flexible and understanding, I will not do anything that involves  minors, nor anything that is illegal or non-consensual.