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(Stories written for your hot dreams)


I received your photo in My email, johnny. I see you, leaning back so casually against your new ‘Vette, posing cheerfully nonchalant, looking so sexy with no shirt, a pair of running shorts and shoes, your flat abs tight beneath the curly hair on your chest.  So damn smug and cocky, big cocky.  "Look at my car," you’re telling Me, "Look at my car and you’ll see how big my cock is."  You are such an alpha male, johnny.  Think you’re the leader of the pack. You and your powerful, new ‘Vette.

For the alpha male money is the currency of power.  It buys him the symbols of status. Don’t you think I know the score here?  Above all else you scheme every waking moment for social status; you strive, hunger, grasp for coins to buy things that will show your sexual prowess. It’s all about power symbols, toys for boys and toys for men, things to prove whose king of the hill, leader of the pack.  Then you use these symbols of power to manipulate women into fucking you and giving you blow jobs.   Witness Bill and Monica.  Case closed.  Cigar anyone?  I know what you’re up to, you sneaky bastard.  I’m wise to your game, you and your predator brothers.

Now, I am the predator and you are My prey. Beware. Or, as they say, be afraid, be very afraid.  I am a cruel Bitch, johnny. I will never be satisfied until you are completely under My control. I love making you beg and plead while I degrade and humiliate you. I will make you grovel. 

Along come more POWER photos with you behind your big power desk in your big power corner office.  I’m surprised there isn’t a moat around the damned desk. Pretty dommie, johnny. Hard to get away from it, no?  Don't send Me anymore power photos, johnny. Rather, let Me see you as a naked supplicant, kneeling and waiting to serve Me, desperate for the scent of Me, for My presence in the same room with your pathetic prostrate body.  And of course, you shall send Me slave pictures and then kneel before Me in person. I think you are trainable, after all.  You offer Me "presents and things, clothes and toys..."  More bait for the blow job?  Are you trying to con Me?  Well not very imaginative on your part. So ordinary, but it's a start. 

  I can be a hard Bitch, johnny. Are you sure you want to fall into My wicked clutches, dommie johnny?  I can be soft and sensuous too. When I want to.  Especially when a boy really expresses his adoration for Me.   Maybe I can train you to be the kind of unquestioning, obsequious boy that I like.  I love to triumph over a powerful Executive from the world of business and finance, or from law or medicine and reduce him to a mindless piece of slave shit, as Lola did to the Professor in the classic domme film "The Blue Angel."  When she was finished with him he had lost his job as the town’s respected Professor and appeared as a humiliated clown in her night club act. Total public humiliation.  It is so much better to dominate a man of power and to bring him to his knees than some workaday slug who spends his evenings jerking off to computer porn.  Yeah, I love to bring a big man down. I shall bring you down, Mr. Powerful Tycoon, hot shot sonofa bitch. 

When you get to your office this morning you will find the package waiting for you, johnny, the one you made up last weekend. I had it delivered this morning as a special surprise. When you receive the package, call Me.  I want to personally give you your instructions.

My phone rings as I expect it and I let it ring several times before I answer it casually. "Hello, slave," I whisper languidly. “Good morning, Mistress. This is your most humble and adoring servant, johnny. I hope My telephone call did not wake you.  How may I serve you this morning, Mistress?” I hold the phone to My ear and stretch luxuriously in My warm bed as I listen to your submissive and respectful voice. Already, your attitude is adjusting. I'm pleased by the new tone in your voice. “Good morning, cunt.  How’s the big shot Executive this morning? Are you jerking off to the sound of My voice?  Better not be.”

Anxiety creeps into your voice, “I’m fine, Goddess.  Not jerking off without Your permission, I assure You.  Waiting for your orders, Ma’am.  I hope you are feeling well today.” I ignore your fawning well wishes. “Lock your office door, johnny.  For a while you will be jenny, My cunt slave. Tell your secretary to hold all calls and reschedule your morning calendar. Turn on your web cam first. I want to watch you open the package.  You know what’s in there. You packed it." I wait and then watch jenny complete all the preparatory tasks I had assigned. "Good girl, jenny.” “Thank you, Mistress.” “You can hang up the phone now and talk to Me through the computer mic,” I add.

“Take off your Tycoon suit of armor, jenny.  Put on your slit slave panties and skirt.” I watch you on My PC screen. “The stockings and heels,” I command. You struggle.  “Now the bra and blouse.” You snap the bra tight and slip into the blouse. “The hair and lipstick.  Heavy on the lipstick. Bright red. Whore’s lipstick.” You fix the wig with its short tresses and you pack on the lipstick. “Heavy on the rouge also, hoe.”  Your face becomes crimson with rouge and embarrassment as I transform you into My office whore. 

“Now, My little cunt, you know what to do with the butt plug and the dildo.” You slide the lubricated butt plug through the slit of the panties, as I have taught you, and press it up into your asshole. You swallow the dildo between your painted lips. You suck on the dildo and sigh with pleasure at the release of your power.  You are no longer the manipulating Alpha Executive. Now you are a puppet and I hold the strings. “Parade around in front of the camera for Me, cunt. Walk like a model." I watch. "Now walk like a street hoe. Hustle some business. Oh, how funny you look! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? No, you’re not. I can see you're not. Your thick cock is sticking out under the panties and pressing against that short skirt. You love it when I make you My whore, don't you?” Your six foot frame wobbles as you exaggerate your whore hips and strut before the web cam. I can see how horny you've become. Your cock is near to bursting.

“Kneel up on that power desk now, My bitch. That’s good, climb up there. Kneel straight up and look out at that fine view you have from your corner window. Too bad you’re too high up for others to look into your window. What a sight they would see!"  I order you to pull your big clit out and jerk it off. I want to see you come all over that big Executive desk. I want to see you defile your own power desk with your jizzz. "Squirt your scum all over that fucking power desk. That’s good, bitch. Pull hard on your cock.”

You are so hot.  You grip your cock with your fist and  jam it up and down feverously.  It doesn’t take long.  Gobs of hot semen splash all over the desktop.  You cry out as you cum, “Arhgrrrrrrrr!!!  Oh shit! Oh, that’s so fucking good.  Thank You, Mistress.  Oh holy shit!  Thank You, Mistress Erica.”

 The desk is soaked with your semen.  “So much for that symbol of male pig power, that big desk in the Executive Suite.  One day I will go up there and pee on it.  For now, you may get back to work as johnny.  I am going out shopping this afternoon with your credit card.  When I arrive home at seven tonight I expect to find a hot bath waiting for Me, scotch/rocks besides the tub, and My little whore jenny “dressed” and lying over the foot of My bed with her legs spread, waiting for My strap-on.”  I clicked the computer into shut down mode.

After arriving home, I take a long luxurious soak in the hot bubble bath and slowly sip the scotch/rocks you have prepared for Me.  I am warmed inside and out, thoroughly contented as I muse over the good fortunes of My life.  When I am ready, I call My girl katie to dry Me with a large towel.  I am nicely distracted by the busy work of her hands and the plush towel.  I permit her to kiss My feet before leaving her to clean the bath. 

I go into the bedroom and find you, jenny, dressed as I saw you this morning. You are bent over the foot of My bed with your legs spread wide, sucking the dildo deep in your cunt mouth,  Your skirt is hiked up and you are wearing the slit panties.  My strap-on is next to you on the bed.  I run My finger tips around your ears and neck, caressing you seductively and I whisper into your ear.  Your nostrils flair with panic, trying to suck in maximum air around the gagging dildo.  Katie has shackled your wrists behind the small of your back.

“I am going to fuck you, bitch.  I am going to fuck you real hard.  I am going to ram this bad boy, hardrock cock up your butthole so far the tip of it will tickle your tonsils.  I am going to extract a pound of revenge for every female who was ever manipulated and cowered by the symbols of alpha power into fucking and sucking a man.  I am going to rape your ass, bitch.  I am going to tear you a new asshole.  Before I am done your tunnel will bleed and your soul will cry out to the ravages of hell for relief.  And you will thank Me for teaching you this lesson.”  You begin to sob shamelessly as you anticipate your final capitulation.  Your ass is Mine, mr. hotshot business tycoon. Your power is Mine.